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Yugo rear sight tension block?

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I pressed the bbl out of an M72 today. I had already removed the rear sight leaf. After it was out, I decided to reistall the rear sight. The sight flat spring had fallen out. I got it back together and something was off. There wasn't enough spring tension to keep the sight stable. At first I thought the spring needed to be bent, but that didn't help. Then I noticed a u-shaped piece of metal on the bench near the trunnion. I am assuming that this goes bewteen the sight block and the trunnion when it's reassembled. What is the proper order in putting this piece in? I don't want to press the bbl back in to find that this piece needed to go first.

Here are some pics. Thanks

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That "U" shapped piece is a reinforcement thingy for the lower handguard.

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I think that you need to push the leaf spring in further into the rear sight block. I've had this problem, myself, and I solved it by lightly tapping it in. You should not have to use force here.
I agree that it is not in far enough. Look for a dimple and a slite recess in the otherpart. They had to pop into place on my Tantal.
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