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I've been enjoying a book I got recently for my 24/47 Yugo Mauser. Its the collectors only series book about the Serbian Mausers.
I have a few of these books now and this is the best yet. It contains an amazing thoroughly done history of the Yugo Mauser rifles from the 1870's to present.
Something that really struck me is how few of the 24/47's that were produced. Under 11k were built. This was the model they cut their teeth on after the war to get the factory back into production to build/rebuild completely Yugo made Mausers. Not just a conversion of a captured German or even older model Mauser. Compare that to hundreds of thousands of other models of Mausers! The M48 series that proceeded it and replaced it was really produced in higher numbers. The more I read up on the different models, the happier I was that chose a unissued grade 24/47 as my Mauser. Difficult to believe you can buy a rifle this nice with an accessory package for just $179 & shipping.
I am so glad I got that C&R!
I'm a real geek at heart and love to read and am a student of history. So I love books like this. They really give you an insight into the gun's history and design and the social pressures that brought them about. I'd recommend them to anyone.
I got this one from a EBay Dealer in NY for under $20 with priority mail shipping.
I believe it'll even more satisfying to take that rifle to the range next time! :smile:
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