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SPF!Selling a milled yugo kit. This is what would be called a franken kit, as it has a Yugo front end, with Romy stock,trigger guard, PG, and selector. I had plans on building this, but it turned out to be too much work. The trunnion is ground down to be fit into a stamped receiver, and both front and rear trunnion are tapped for 10/32 screws. Everything's included to build a complete rifle minus the receiver. The Bolt and carrier match each other, but not the gun. The top cover, trunnion, and gas tube match, recoil spring isnt serialized. I would like to get $210shippedOBRO for this, as that's what I figure I could get for all the parts if I sold them separately. Listed elsewhere.USPS MO or PayPal +4%

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