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Hey fellas,
I've wondered about the internal numbering system used by Zastava. Yep, they use it to keep track of parts while assembling, but the actual serial number of the gun is different and stamped. However... I came across a low numbered rifle today, number 85. I popped the dust cover and saw "088" for the internal numbers. Another one was #345 with #520 internals.

So... is there an actual correlation between inside and out? What if they started with internal "001" and if everything worked out, the outside was marked "00001". And internal "002" matched with external "00002." However, between #2 and #88, three sets of parts didn't work out, they were set aside, and the internal numbers got ahead of the externals. Therefore, internal kit #88 was put in a #85 receiver.

If that's the case, all internal numbers will be higher than the external numbers, because some sets didn't match correctly. Example, if external #7523 has #7823 internals, 300 sets didn't make the cut during the manufacturing process. If so, we (and Zastava) could tell that about 4% of the kits didn't work and what range had the most problems.

Anyone care to check their parts numbers on lower numbered guns? If the internals numbers are higher? You don't have to post the exact numbers, but maybe if that's the case with yours. Serial numbers over 10000 probably can't be determined, since only up to 4 digits (?) are used inside.
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