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There's another one coming out later this year. "Last Blood."

Stallone is a RAMPANT anti-gunner, just so you know.
Lol is he? Makes sense, of course he would be since he's made an entire career off portraying violence. I kinda wonder sometimes if Hollywood just piggy backs off each other for fear of not being hired. Not that it would make it right or anything. I just find it very odd that it's ok to pretend with guns and be protected by them, but not ok for us to own them. Fuck them anyway.

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I'm not going to derail this thread by expounding and posting links. Just Google it.

Another one I just watched that I can keep watching over and over and it never gets old: John Carpenter's "The Thing." Special effects are some of the most amazing ever implemented.

(warning- extreme violence and gore)


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Late 70’s/80’s/early 90’s had so many good action movies. I couldn’t narrow stuff down to just 5 of them. But I always liked any of the MIA movies. And of course the Rambos/First Blood. Also liked a lot of the martial arts ones from those days. American Ninja, Jackie Chan’s movies, and all the big martial arts stars. Man that takes me back. Also, I think Rocky 3 and 4 had to have had the best or among the best soundtracks of any movie.

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I like to find unusual movies that aren't necessarily main stream/blockbusters but my tastes run through all the genres. Scifi, comedy, action, even the really really really really bad movies that are SOOO bad they're worth watching. The only ones I can't really get into is horror, although there have been one or two interesting ones.

Lives of others
Hold the Dark
Wind River
The Big Lebowski
Inside Man
The Name of the Rose
Requiem for a Dream
A History of Violence

Children of Men
V for Vandana
The Town
The Accountant
Inglorious Bastards
No Country for Old Men
The Highwaymen
The Departed
Gangs of New York
There will be Blood
True Grit
Wolf of Wall Street
Last of the Mohicans

Secret Window
Fight Club
Pulp Fiction
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
12 Angry Men
Grant Torino
American History X
The Usual Suspects

The Martian
The Matrix
The Island

Die Hard (1-3)
John Wick
Lethal Weapon
Leon the Professional
Man on Fire

Black Mass
Donny Brasco
Road to Perdition
Eastern Promises
Layer Cake

Black Hawk Down
Saving Pvt Ryan

I'm probably forgetting a lot more.

Two bad ones worth watching
The Room

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I’ve got a favorite you might like. Out of your genre, but it’s good an means a lot to me. I went back to Indiana to see my mom, whom I hadn’t seen in years. We had a $20.00 bet. She told me i’d marry the first girl that’d have me. I told her i’d wait till I was 25. Just a joke we had. I happily let her know I was getting married soon. 25 now an she owes me 20 bucks. We stayed up reminiscing old times and she got attracted by the tv, about 3:00 am then. Some cowboy on his horse rode into the rio grand river as the posse was right on his ass. He shouted viva la Mexico when he got to the other side, but the posse kept crossing through the river! He headed back to his horse which was wavering and then dropped dead! It was great to hear mom laugh so hard. We watched to the end of that funny movie laughing till our sides hurt. That guy was Jack Nicholson. Mary Steenbergun was the woman who saved his life from hanging. John Belushie, Cristopher Loyd, Danny Devito and many other actors were in that movie. Fun watch.
Mom had a fatal heart attack later that year after after I got married. I Smile every time I mention or watch that movie “Goin South”.
I knew she’d get outta paying me!
Fun movie!

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Pretty Peaches from 1978 is worth a mention. I enjoyed the movie. Only downside was there were no AKs in it.

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I stayed in and did a double feature. "Gran Torino" and "Harry Brown." Seen them both before but it's been awhile. They're both variations of the same basic plot- salty old war vet getting revenge on neighborhood thugs. Both are pretty good. Gran Torino has a lot of comic relief. Harry Brown is much darker, definitely not for kids.

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I watched Rooster Cogburn, The Bridge On the River Kwai, and Beverly Hills Cop 2 and 3 this weekend.

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Powder. Not a lot of guns. Possible examples of what 100% use of the human brain is capable of. Most of all though is the scene when he grabs the dying, in shock, bleeding deer and well...guess you’ll have to watch it. Don’t want to be the spoiler. Clean kill is the only kill when hunting animals. One reason I don’t deer hunt anymore. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, including animals.
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