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Yankee Hill Machine AK can QD

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Looks like Yankee Hill's is now making a Flash hider QD for there 308 Phantom can.
"AK 47......M14 X 1 LH (YHM-3302-AK-A) $75.00"
http://www.yankeehillmachine.com/store/ ... ories.html
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this should make things a bit easier for the future. :wink:

was planning on a can for my .308 bolt gun; i think i just decided on a maker.
I got a Rem. 700 Police, A M1A, T/C, and now I can set Up one of my AK's. Plus you can put the phantom on the 223 QD.
Thats what I have is a LTR 308 that I'm getting threaded for the YHM Phantom F/S , a Phantom F/S for an AK and Phantom F/S for my ARs One can will work on all of them
ATF cashed my check 06/30 so it shouldn't be to long before I can pick up the can :dance:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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