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I have ten 10rd black AGP mags and also ten factory 5rd mags forsale. The AGP are mostly Gen 2's but there are 2 or 3 GEN 1's it will be luck of the draw I am not picking thru them and the factory 5rd mags are new some are still in plastic some are not again luck of the draw. I want $25 each w/ two mag min order and I will cover shipping. Post type of mags and how many and it is a first come first serve deal. when they are gone they are gone. I will take Postal MO or PP +4% with no mention of any gun words as payment.
I am open to trades for:
a black russian RPK PG
a factory russian 30rd 223 mag
a russian digital camo RPG sling
a russian "red lettered" RPK rear sight
a RPK-74 flashhider
4 AGP's SPF to JC GoF
Items ship from WV and will be cross posted so time stamp matter.
Also they are standard mags but it someone need pics let me know and I will take them.
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