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Nice VZ-2008 Rifle (7.62x39) with many extras.
I have run 95 rds down range testing at ranges of 25, 30, 35 and 50 yds
and the rifle has performed flawlessly and gave nice groupings using iron sights and my tired old eyes. Not a single malfunction at any time.
Check out pictures and notes of the target.

Rifle will include the following:

* VZ-2008 rifle with folding stock with para-cord wrap

* Total of 5 magazines, with 4 in VZ Leather Carry Case

* Complete Cleaning Kit with canvas pouch and ALL TOOLS

* Bottom hand guard has custom made liner inside to keep the heat down
works very nicely.

* VZ Bayonet, Sheath and Leather Frog

* RARE VZ-58 Original Military Folding Bi-Pod

* Correct VZ Muzzle Break

* VZ correct Canvas/leather Sling

Trade Value fpr everything: $ 725

Few other pictures: VZ-2008 Rifle - Album on Imgur

For me using the Bi-Pod made a considerably Plus in accuracy and groupings.

I have a Few hundred rounds of 7.62x39 available for ammo trade
in: 300 blackout, 44-40, 308/7,62x51, 17HMR and .380

View the pictures to see quality and condition of the rifle and equipment.

Thanks for viewing ....

Some Trade Interests, other Trades Considered

m1 Carbine
Western Style Revolvers, Rifles
Blackpowder Revolvers, Rifles

or ???

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