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WTT Sig P220 Carry (NIB) for a mint Bulgy AKS-74 parts kit

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This is a brand new, unfired, NIB standard P220 Carry DA/SA with night sights. All blued finish. I bought it about a year ago, fondled it a bit and put it away.

Here's the rub. There are two tiny marks on the frame up in front by the rail. This particular gun was the store shelf model and it was handled by customers; hence the marks. I bought this particular one, however, due to the fact that it has the sweetest action, out of the box, of any Sig I have ever handled. It doesn't need an action job; it feels like it already has one. It's really, really nice.

It comes with two standard mags and one 10-round Sig factory mag.

I am interested in trading it for an all Bulgarian mint/like new AKS-74 5.45x39 parts kit, with all matching serial numbers.
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