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I have more than what i have listed but these are neat guns.Prefer local as i work a ton of hours-but for the right deal we can talk.

Mossberg 144LSB with older Japan made 4X tasco will build a ragged hole at 50 yrads EC
Mossberg 640M 22WMR this rifle was only produce in 1971.Very rare and in EC also comes with older Tasco 4X scope shoots great as well
Mossberg 46B(b) late 40's vintage in good shape nice wood

Marlin 39A Golden Boy lever action 71' model in EC

Winchester 77 Tube feed (not mag) pre 64' in LN shape
Winchester 76A in LN shape

Im looking for .223 ammo 7.62x39 ammo- or AK's imagine that lol.

For what they are worth hit Gunbroker and or Auction Arms also look on rimfirecentral.com --Only one issue the 640M is so rare none of the Auction sites have any listing.These guns are not abused beat the heck up or pieced together.

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