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WTT/S - CZ-987B for a Sig P220 combat (NY)

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I would like to trade my RSR-limited edition CZ-97B .45 ACP pistol in satin nickel finish and a custom BLADETECH D&O holster for a Sig Sauer P220 combat pistol (without threaded barrel preferred).

Here are pictures of the pistol rig I am offering in trade -

Pistol comes with original box, spare 10-round magazine, lock, and owners manual. I guarantee this pistol functions flawlessly with both commercial .45 ACP ammunition and handloads. Whatever you load up (lead-waged wadcutters, round nose, or Hornady XTP jacketed hollow points), this pistol will fire them with awesome accuracy.

This is a photo of the Sig Sauer P220 combat pistol I am looking to trade for:

The only reason I am looking to trade away my CZ-97B is because I want a Sig Sauer P220 combat pistol to go along with my Sig Sauer SigPro SP2022 9mm pistol. Also, because the combat version of the Sig P220 will match my Gerber LMK II A.S.E.K. survival knife perfectly.

If you are interested in such a trade or want to buy the pistol outright please contact me directly with trade or offer details at [email:52tbfibw][email protected][/email:52tbfibw]

Thanks for looking and I hope to hear from someone soon.

Tim (in NY)
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