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Looking to trade 1 of my 3 Russian Tula kits, complete with front trunnion.
I just picked up a completely built 1974 AKM and I have a 1973 being built also, so I have a bunch of the same year kits I don't need to build anymore.

As with all these kits; bolt, bolt carrier, top cover match. Trunnion does not match. Very nice condition, probably unissued.

Would like to trade for one of those 1969 Izzy kits or might consider trading one of the front trunnions for another year I don't have (I have 74 and 73).

I have 2 - 74 kits and 1 - 73.

Let me know what you have.

^better pics can be taken if anyone is seriously interested. But like I said above, they appear to be unissued.

^ 74 trunnion above, probably will not be traded, but I didn't have time to dig my other 74 kit out.
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