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I've got a serious hankering for a triangle folder bulgy AK-74 + $$$ or Non-Century 5.56 Galil, but current economics won't let me drop the cash on one, so my sweet little RRA AR-15 has to go for trade.

Specs on my AR:
Rock River Entry Tactical AR-15
RRA 2 stage trigger
16" Chrome-lined M4 profile barrel
YHM Free float carbine rail
YHM Phantom flashhider
black Magpul CTR stock (as shown in pic)
black Magpul MIAD full kit grip or Coyote Brown Ergo Grip (as shown in pic)
black KAC VFG or Coyote Brown Ergo VFG
Tact latch on charging handle
2 black Magpul mags and several 20 adn 30 rnds mags (8 total I believe)
I put the value on this around $1200 (Don't want to sell, just trade)

Sorry for the crappy pic, but it's the most recent one I have and I lack photo skills.

What I want:
Quality built triangle side-folder Bulgy AK-74 (ORF, Newton, Aresnal, etc, etc) + $$$
Quality built (Non-Century) Galil in 5.56
Arsenal 106U + $$$ or Several mags.
5.45 Bulgy Krink kit + $$$

I don't get on this forum much, mainly a lurker, so please send trade offers to [email protected]. Thanks!
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