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WTT: My Romy Kit for your 1982 Romy Kit

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I would really like a 1982 Romy kit and didn't get one in any that I bought. I have one (I think it is a 1986) that I'd like to trade if anyone would be willing.

My kit is all matching except for the top cover, and is in really nice shape (typical nice Romy condition, not rusty).

I would like a matching 1982 kit, and will pay your shipping, and will negotiate on how much a premium your matching kit is worth compared to my non-matching top cover.

Basically, I just am looking for someone to help me out :goof: :grin:
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1982 Kit

I have what your looking for, all numbers match apears to be unfired, the only thing is the G has been electro penciled instead of stamped.
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