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Hi all, I'm new so hello if you haven't seen me before.

I bought this back in April of 07 at a gun show when I was still pretty new to Kalashnikovs. The guy who sold it to me called it an East German AK bayonet and rare, I paid 40 for it.

Later found out that guy didn't have a clue what he was talking about and it's Hungarian, no idea the rarity.

Anyways I was wondering if someone had an extra Russian AKM or AK-74 bayonet they'd like they'd like to trade for this Hungarian? I'm sure this thing would go great on someones AMD-65, and I plan on a Russian style Afghan AK clone soon, so I'd like to have the right bayo. I'm specifically looking for the ones with the red/orange bakelite scabbards, and the bowie type blade. I'll also take a Chinese one.

Alternatively this is what I'd like to trade it for:

Soviet Afghanka "Panama' Hat
Any Spetsnaz type Beret
VDV Beret
Almost anything Spetsnaz related.
Russian Sailors Hat

I like Russian/Soviet hats in case ya haven't noticed, lol. Any of these hats are 5 bucks on ebay, BUT I don't wanna pay the 20 dollars shipping.

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