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I really need a nice example of a CZ-82 for my CZ collection. It must be very clean w/ very nice finish. I would want it to have the military flap holster, 2 matching mags, and the cleaning rod. What I am offering for trade is a russian IJ70 commercial Makarov in .380. This pistol will come with 3 russian mags opened up to hold 12 rounds of .380, and 2 NIP russian 10 round mags. The 12 rounders were 10 round mags modified by grinding the block on the floorplate lock. No mods were done to any other part of the magazines. They work flawlessly. The pistol is clean, with a few scratches in the blueing. They are not deep, and do not go through the blueing. I also have a nice Bulgarian Mak with holster, cleaning rod, 2 # matching mags, and lanyard. Pics will be available shortly. Email me at burf_151atyahoo.com with questions or offers. Thanks!
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