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WTT:Assorted AKs/kits (some rare)for SLR105A1R, AKT98, or ?

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I have the following extras:

Albanian AKM kit. Euro deact with no barrel/bolt or fire control. If you didnt want to build it up as a Albanian clone, it does have all the parts to convert a MAK90, to include the underfolding bayonet.

MAK90. No stock set. Underfolder receiver.

20" Saiga, 7.62 w/dimples

RPK74M "kit"... Basically, the stock set, barrel parts, top cover and recoil spring. Everything to convert your RPK74/RPK into a RPK74M..

Polish AKMS parts kit w/late barrel parts

Tantal kit

Wz.91 Onyx kit. No barrel, no bolt. All the receiver parts are new virgin parts. Barrel parts, etc are excellent take offs.

Beryl parts; All the unique stuff. folding stock, proper rear trunnion, RSB, Gas block, flash hider. Over the RSB scope mount. Rest of the kit can be filled in with Tantal parts.

E.Germany Mpi-K clone "barreled action". Bulgarian receiver with E.German barrel. Has DDR bolt and carrier, but these will probably need to be redone. Still with Mario at POHF.

1971 Dated "PLO" E.German AKMS kit. All matching numbers in excellent condition.

Hungarian AK47 build. All matching numbers kit (not from recent batch) on Bulgarian receiver. Custom built by Mario at POHF (still not back)

Hungarian AMD65 kit w/barrel. Plastic grips, all matching numbers

Hungarian SA85M thumbole gun. AMD65 length gas system. HG retainer tab broken. No wood. Like new condition.

Bulgarian AK47 build. Custom debanning of SA93 by Mario at POHF. (not back yet)

Bulgarian AKS47 build. Arsenal underfolder converted into a "mid length". Blond wood

Bulgarian AKS47U build - M4SF clone with Galil style folder. Still in progress... Basically, I have the receiver, top cover, bolt carrier, almost everything.. Just need a barrel.

1977 Tula kit - cut from Euro deact. No barrel, no bolt, no trigger parts.

Bulgarian AKS74 barrel assembly

Arsenal SAM5 with AR-M9 stock set. 74 FSB with flash hider. FSB will need to be adjusted, as its a little crooked.

Yugo M70 stamped build. Beatiful kit on matching number NDS receiver. Entire gun is blued..

Yugo M72 milled receiver and "Virgin" M72 kit

Yugo M70 stamped underfolder kit. Standard AKMS type receiver.

N.Korean AKM kit. Excellent condition. Wood was a little dinged up, but was restored by Z.recto. \

Have extras for most. Stuff like proper mags, sling, etc, extra stock sets, etc...For the kits, I have matching numbers NDS receivers. Have US parts for all, etc..

Anyways, I am looking for;

Arsenal SLR105A1R. Excellent to new.

Romanian AKT-98 - Original .22lr import w/black plastic

Quality Galil AR/ARM clone (or original IMI)


Willing to trade + or - cash (as needed)... Not really looking to sell, as it will end up on gunbroker. Not sure of the worth in cash of most..."friends" or others that I talk to often can ask though...
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