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I have a low ound count AR15 I would like to trade for an AK74. Not too picky when it comes to AKs but it must be straight and not keyhole.

Specs on the AR:

16" M4 profile, 5.56 chamber, CL, made by PSA. 60 rounds through it.
ASA bolt carrier with new BCM bolt. Same 60 rounds on it
ASA lower with 6 position stock.
Daniel Defense EZCAR rail
Magpul; rear sight

4 30 round GI mags with anti tilt followers, one has paint on it. 1 30 round Pmag, 1 20 round Pmag

Like stated above, would like a 5.45 AK, minimum round count, don't really care about manufacturer, just was a good shooter with straight sights. And at least 2 mags

Might consider trade for a Draco but really want a 74...

Would also consider trading for a Bulgarian 74 parts kit w/ barrel.

FTF in AZ.

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