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WTT: 2 brown bulgarian AK74 mags for Weiger mags

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I'd like to trade 2 brand new never inserted brown bulgarian AK74 mags +1 SAR 3 mag (not pictured) for 3 East German Weiger .223 mags. (TRADE PENDING)

You can get Weiger mags from aim surplus for 20$ eachhttp://www.aimsurplus.com/acatalog/...l_.223_5.56_magazines_for_AK_type_Rifles.html

SAR 3 and East German Wieger mags are functionaly the same, but I prefer the finish of the Weigers.

Pm me if you want to work out a trade.
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JK...I've got 2 weigers that I can't even remember what I paid for them and can't even remember who or where I got them from...they've been around here for something like 2-3 years...they're virtually new...I don't think they've even been inserted...followers are perfect and finish is about 99.5%...a little rubbing on the top edges of the side plates...I don't have a camera, but if you're interested, I'd priority mail them to you for your approval...if you like them...send me your two brown bulgies...we each pay our own postage...let me know...Dave.
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