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WTS - Yugo M70 Parts

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Yugo M70

Parts are New - left over stuff I never used.

Grenade Sight w/ mounting parts - SPF

Front "virgin" trunnion - SOLD

Front sight block Virgin (all pins, etc included) NO tritium insert Or insert at all. TO CLARIFY there is no panel w/sight inlcuded -SOLD
Rear Sight block Virgin - SPF

Lower handguard locking retainer - $ SOLD

Top Cover - No #'s stamped on it. - SOLD

M.O. or PP +4%
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Top cover

I'll take the top cover. PM sent.
Does the FSB have the flip up night sight, even if it is a white-dot style?

If so, I'll take it.
I'll take the front trunnion -- email on the way.
Parts purchase

I'l take the grenade sight and the rear sight block.

Will PM also. Thanks
I'll take this;

Lower handguard locking retainer - $13.00 shipped.

And seconds on these;

Front sight block (all pins, etc included) NO tritium insert. -$23.00 shipped.
Top Cover - No #'s stamped on it. -$23.00 Shipped.
I'll take:

Front "virgin" trunnion - $30.00 Shipped
Rear Sight block Virgin - $23.00 Shipped.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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