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WTS: yugo BHO mags. i have 5

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i have 5 excellent condition yugo bolt hold open mags $35 each or all 5 for for $130 shipped. they are basically new in the wrap without the wrap. i will post pics when i get home tonight.

as always an "i'll take it" followed by a PM works best

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are any of them notched on the left side (when viewed holding a rifle)?
dyi said:
are any of them notched on the left side (when viewed holding a rifle)?

sorry, i am kinda new to the yugo market. there is a slight triangular ground mark on the right side for the auto sear and the hold open follower is on the left. sorry hope that helps. if it doesnt let me know
trangerstx said:
What is that feature for?
That would be my question also. Please enlighten us. It is always good to learn something new.
i BELIEVE that the notch marks mags modified to fit the M64? i believe. that is what i heard when they started popping up in the sportsmans guide mag lottery.
M64 mags have that notch for a Last Round Bolt Hold Open. Different than the M70 yugo Bolt Hold Open Follower. When the mag is removed from a M64, the bolt stays held back like an SKS.
no they do not have the notch
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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