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WTS Yugo Ak m70b1w brand new ironwood teak

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I have a m70b1 with brand new unfinished ironwood i havent even put on the gun yet you finish your color.. You will get the old but stock and plastic grip I have put the new wood on the gas tube . The gun will come with all the wood off and wraped+ the new wood. It has Zastava-kragujevac Yugoslavia barrel (CZ) not Green mountain, witch is bright and shiny very nice. . 2 mags ,leather sling, cleaning rod and polish bayonet. Every thing is perfect on the gun finish is factory DCI reciever sights are streight no cant. I have not shot it bought it new. I need $575 including shipping and I might throw in a couple of extra mags.
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Suggestion to who ever buys it!
Don't color it. Just give it simple rubbings with tung oil or teak oil. It'll be stunning.
Hope you find it a good home!
Wow, that is a beautiful rifle!!!!!! Good luck...wish I was in OK.
You wouldn't by chance still have the old wood upper and lower handguards that came with the rifle? Are those also included in the sale? Thanks.
Any trade possibilities?
Price Drop 575.00

If for some reason you ever want to sell the original stock, keep me in mind. I can't find one anywhere. Just if you can't find a buyer for the whole gun
Still up for grabs.

Have Blackberry will travel.

I'll take this.

Please contact me at (419) 371-3176 to finalize payment and shipping details..Thank you 18B30

Sold to 18B30 pending funds
let me know if the sale does not go through.
the seller is a good guy, i bought an m70 from him before with absolutely no hassles.
It'll be sitting at the FFL tomorrow so I'm chomping at the bit to get it shooting!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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