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I know im new here but I have this across multiple forums where i have positive ratings, ar15.com, snipershide
I have a used USO Scope $1650 obo
Specs Are:
Power 1.8-10
Objective 44mm
Tube 30mm
Rapid Focus eyepiece
Reticle Mil Dot
Reticle Lighting Red with 11 position knob
Elevation EREK 1/4 MOA Set for 308 175gr with 100yd marks too 1000yds
Windage US#1 M40 Style 1/4 MOA

Looking for
Nice guns willing to add money (love HK)
looking for
scar 16 fde
260 bolt gun
sgl31 slr105 slr 104 and spikes 5.45x39
any ak47/ak74 no century arms
no $500 pistols
AIMPOINT prefer T-1 or H-1
Trijicons prefer SRS, Reflex or Acog
1-4 or 1-6 power optic
6.5 Grendel Ammo
5.45x39 Ammo
If you have something along the lines of what Im looking for or not make a offer worst I can do is say no.
Can add money if needed

Pics will show build sheet too

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