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WTS/WTT Finnish Mosin-Nagant M39

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For sale or trade. Will ship to 03 or better FFL. Can do FTF in GA. Will trade, just ask. Email at: ricnactor46 AT hotmail.com

TRADE PENDING 1. MAS Mle36 rifle with sling:

Rifle details:

Metal: 98%

Wood: Small dents and dings / no cracks

Bore: Strong rifling with some frosting in the groves.
Counter bored about an 1/8" from the muzzle. Very good shooter.

Numbers: Bolt and receiver match all other numbers do not.

Asking Price: $275 shipped or trade

TRADE PENDING 2. Long Branch Enfield 1943:

Rifle details:

Metal: 75%

Wood: small dents/dings, no cracks

Bore: strong rifling with frosted grooves

Numbers: non-matching

Asking Price: $225 shipped or trade

3. Sako M39 1941:

Rifle Details:

Metal: 60%+

Wood: small dents and dings, one gouge that looks to be caused by shrapnel, no cracks

Bore: good rifling, heavy frosting in grooves

Numbers: bolt handle and receiver match, no #'s on floorplate and buttplate

Asking: $265 shipped or trade

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what are you looking for in a trade
machineguneddie said:
what are you looking for in a trade
AK mags (7.62), pouches, ammo, knives, militaria, or ???
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