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I have a very nice FAL up for trade. It is a G1 kit with a BGS(German Federal Border Guards) marked barrel. These were some of the best condtion barrels, used little as opposed to the ones that came from Turkey. This rifle shoots an inch at 50 yrds.

The rifle is pictured with a SAW pg but will ship with a US made metric type grip. Correct for this rifle.

Finish is a semi gloss baking enamal of park.

here are some pics.

I am looking for the following things as a possible trade.

Quality AR upper, SPR/DMR or Recce upper.

Colt or LMT AR.

Colt lower.

Uppers or lowers can be plus or minus $$ depending.

HK handguns or good clones-PTR91's etc.

Other .308 rifles.

The G1 is worth between $1100 to $1200. Kit-$450,receiver-$375,build and refinish cost-$300, US parts $100, total is $1225.

Cash price is $1100. USPS MO unless we have done some dealing or I know you.

Shoot an email or pm with what you have. If it's not on my list I still might "need" it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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