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I have five 10 round fixed SKS magazines for sale. One appears to be Russian, with Cyrillic letters preceeding the serial numbers. Three appear to be Chinese, one of which has serial numbers, the other two do not. The last appears that it may be Russian, by the style of the serial number, but I'm not 100% positive.

The springs on these are all good, and the finish on all of them is very good. The one with Cyrillic letters appears to be parkerized, while the other 4 are blued, with a bit spot rust on one or two of the magazines, but those are not pitted, and will clean up.

***All magazines are SOLD****

I'm asking $10 each per magazine, FTF in central NC, or I can ship for $13. If you want the remaining 3, I'll take $30 shipped.

I'd also be willing to trade for com-bloc AK-47/AK-74 magazines, factory Ruger Mini-14 magazines, S&W M&P .45 magazines, or 7.62x39/5.45x39/5.56/.45/.357 ammo.

I have these posted on another forum, so first I'll take it wins.

I'll post pictures later today, if I'm able. Thanks for looking.
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