PTR 113 GIRK: 16" Barrel chambered in .308. Bought it a few months ago only been test-fired. Comes with RTG tri-rail and Original Handguard. Furniture is NOS. Extra mags: 2 HK 1 Cetme. Asking $900 obo

Bulgarian AK74: A kit gun I bought from a local dealer of his personal collection. Has some handling scuffs but shoots excellent. Built on a Nodak spud receiver stamped Century arms. New barrel, Tapco Trigger, plum furni. Extra mags: 1- Circle (21) and 3 - 45rd Pro-mag. Asking $1700 obo

Mainly interested in trading the PTR and selling the Bulgarian. Willing to trade/sell separately or as a package.

PVS-14 or comparable.
- 7.62 AKM pattern rifle/pistol. Prefer kit sub-types such as: Sidefolder, Underfolder, Krink Pistol, Spiker, Etc. More odd the better :cool:
- Larger Pattern rifle RPK or PSL
- VZ.58, VZ.61
- Vityaz/Kp9 ak pistol 9mm

Let me know what you got! Thanks.
Edit 11/26: Price reduced