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I have for sale or trade, a very well loved and used BCM upper receiver.

The upper has approximately 1,400 rounds through the pipe. All factory loaded ammunition. There are scratches and marks on this upper from bumps in the safe, optics, and accessories being mounted. There is also a small mark on one side of the heat shield, more visible when the two sections of rail are separated from each other.

This upper receiver was purchased from, and assembled by Gun Gallery Jacksonville in Florida. This upper utilizes the factory BCM front sight block, shaved down to fit under the rail. The pin on the muzzle brake was done by ADCO. This upper started life as a complete BCM BFH 14.5" Midlength Upper Receiver, and includes a Knights Armament URX III Rail, and a Surefire MB556K muzzle brake.

This upper shoots incredibly smooth, and was well used and cared for. I no longer have the small KAC rail covers that are originally included with the rail.

Please note this upper does not include a BCG or charging handle. I do have a BCM BCG and CH if the buyer is interested.


-Daniel Defense RIS II FDE Rail
-Colt 6920 Complete upper
-Colt BCG
-Colt 14.5'' M4 barrel, or SOCOM profile 14.5'' barrel
-Pulled or Virgin Yugo M70 barrels in good shape
-Pulled Yugo RPK barrels
-5.45 8" krink barrel

USPS money orders ONLY. I do not accept Paypal, or non USPS money order. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, Im also happy to snap additional pictures for interested parties.
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