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Spf wts/wtt ak54r

Up for sale or trade is a Waffen Werks AK54R in plum furniture. I've been the only owner and put a little over 150rds of surplus light ball through it over three trips to the range. Rifle was dutifully cleaned after each trip. I was really looking forward to this rifle, but then deployments started coming and going and after this last one I purchased an SVD. With no need for two shooters in 54R this one is going up for sale.

Trades: I'm currently interested in a Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD

Rifle will ship with two PSL mags to your FFL. Please ensure your FFL will accept a rifle from a private seller. If they don't, the price of my FFL handling the firearm will be included in the final price.

Rifle is located in Arlongton, VA. USPS MO or personal check are accepted forms of payment.

$1,000 shipped

If additional pics or info are required just let me know.


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