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All items are located in VA and cross posted so the first "I'll take it" followed by a PM wins the item. USPS money order and personal check are accepted for payment. All items are priced without shipping included. USPS flat rate will be used for shipping. If I can fit it all into a small box I will. If it requires a larger one, shipping will be increased. Unless noted, all parts are used, but not abused.

I'm very open for offers on all items and interested in just about anything AK/AR as far as trades go. AK47 and 74 mags of Soviet/Russian origin as well as M85 mags are of particular interest at the moment, but I'll hear out any trade ideas or price offers as I'm looking to move these items out.

Please let me know if any additional info or pics are needed.



Bulgarian trigger guard/mag catch with dimpled catch. Dimple does not extend off the end of the catch. $50 SPF

1977 dated Soviet bandage. $5

Plum buttstock from a 1988 Rguns 74 kit with rear trunnion and receiver stub. $50 SPF

Tapco buttstock from the first run of Vepr 12s to hit the shores. This has been modded to fit the thicker Vepr receiver. $10 SPF

Saiga 20 factory handguard. $10

TAC-47 autoplug for Saiga shotguns. $40

Extended mag release for AKs and Saigas. $10 SPF

R&R Racing Mag release. Very similar to the the new designs being put out on the Vepr12s in Europe. $100

Ventilated Poly-choke II for Saiga 12 and Vepr 12 shotguns. A couple of spots of surface rust from 3gun matches last summer which got rained on. $75

Extra Low profile centered Molot optics mount. Unused. $110 SPF

Low profile centered BP02. Unused. $50 SPF

Firefield AK optics mount. $35 SPF

5 x Russian oil bottles. Mold numbers available upon request. $5 each or $15 for all 5 All 5 SPF

2 x Russian rear sight blocks. These are AK-336R from K-var and unused. $30 each 1 SPF

4 x Russian sight rails from Kalinka. 3 come with rivets, 1 does not. $30 for each w/ rivets. $25 for rail w/o rivets. All rails SPF

Plastic extended mag release. $5 SPF

SAW grip with screw. $15

Tromix DIY Screw on trigger guard with 3 screws. $35

Gripstock setup for an UNCONVERTED Saiga rifle or shotgun. This particular setup has an Ergo grip, Ace folding mechanism and Ace buttpad. There is some wear on the folding mechanism from it being opened/closed (bare metal exposed at the top of the hinge mechanism). $40 SPF

UTG quad rail system for an AK47. Minor scratches from use. Comes with 12 rail cover sections. $30 SPF

Yugoslavian mag pouches for SVD, PSL mags. 2 available. $15 each or $25 for both ALL SPF

Safariland dropleg holseter for an FN57 with TLR-2 light mounted. $50

4-12x42 POSP scope. Comes with a red LED installed, nylon carrying case, rubber eye relief cup, winter battery holder/extension, extra rubber switch cover and battery cap. This optic uses 2 x SR44 watch batteries for powering the LED lighted reticle. $275

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