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http://img258.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... 478nq3.jpg

these mags are all preban:

3x 40 rnd RPK mags 25$ each shipped or all 3 for 65$ shipped (SPF)
2x 10 round Chinese mags with US followers. 16$ each shipped or both for 26$ shipped
1x sten mag 12$ shipped or 10$ with any other item
1x Tapco SKS gas tube w/ hanguard 45$ shipped

This is a belt buckle knife. This is a plain version, if you've never seen one they're pretty neat: http://bucklehead.com/
It was gift, never wore it though. Small scuff marks on it from sliding around on a table, should polish right up though. 60$ shipped.

I'm building two incomplete kits, I need bunch of parts, so I'll trade for any of the following:

(1) 22mm front trunion
(2) Gas tubes , preferably one of them from an ak74
(1) rear sight block with sight leaf
(1) front sight, dosen't need to have bayo lug or threads
(2) recoil spring assemblies
(2) saftey levers
(2) reciever covers, prefer smooth covers but thats negotiable.
(3) pistol grip nuts/screws
(1) romy G laminate wooden hanguard w/ tube cover
also looking for PPS 43 mags and the magwell from a PPS 43 reciever.

I might also want to just buy these straight up, so if you've got some of these to sell PM me with your terms.
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