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Hi Folks,

These are WASR rifles in 7.62x39mm that have been "Certified" to be straight (no canted front sight base, rear sight base or gas block). We have approximately 15 of these rifles in at this time. These are our own "T" models that we assembled from new rifle and include the four rail handguard system, black pistol grip and stock.

PRICE: $459.95

These rifles include:
- chrome-lined hammer forged barrel
- UTG front rail handguards installed with rail covers (not shown)
- US-made stock and pistol grip
- cleaning rod
- 30-round military magazine
- cleaning kit
- sling
- oil bottle
- muzzle tack-welded (but the barrels DO have the threads)
- G2 trigger group

We can and will modify these rifles for BAN STATE PURCHASES!!! Also, the website has different muzzle options to included standard muzzle nut, slant brake, AK-74-type muzzle brake or Yankee Hill flash hider.

Order online here: http://shop.hendersondefense.biz/product.sc?categoryId=4&productId=96

145 Gibson Road, Suite E
Henderson, NV 89014
Phone: 702.566.1000 Fax: 702.262.9392
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