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We have the following magazines in stock and we can disassemble them for California sales.

- 5.45 Bulgarian polymer "waffle" 45-round magazines (new) $45.00
- 5.45 factory Romanian steel 30-round magazines (unissued) $22.95
- 7.62x39 factory Polish and Romanian 30-round magazines (excellent) $11.95
- 7.62x39 Bulgarian "bullet" 30-round magazines (new) $12.95
- 7.62x39 Bulgarian "bullet" 40-round magazines (new) $14.95
- 5.56mm Bulgarian polymer "waffle" 30-round magazines (new) $32.00

Check out all the magazines we have in stock at:

http://www.hendersondefense.com/store/p ... es-c15.htm

Henderson Defense Industries, LLC
145 N Gibson RD, STE E
Henderson, NV 89014

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Delacroix said:
How can I tell a Romanian 7,62 x 39 steel 30-round mag from a Polish 7,62 x 39 30-round mag..? Are there markings on it somewhere?
Some have no markings and it's very hard to tell, because the Romy and polish rear grove both go up and flare back the same.

If you see a arrow inside of a triangle or a 22 on the rear rib or anywhere else it's definitely Romanian.
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