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Would like to sell my safe queen, hate to let this one go...
Pre-Ban Yugo wood fixed stock AK 7.62x39mm
The condition is Like-new unfired, the bolt face and piston is pristine, no sign of the rifle being fired.
There is no finish wear on the magazine release lever.
It does have wear on the hammer from manually riding the bolt carrier.
I had coated the gun with plenty amounts of oil before I took the pick so the beautiful bluing on the gun can pop out more.
Comes with the original box, oil bottle, sling, and cleaning kit. (not pictured)
S/N of the rifle is very low, at 0015xx

Check out plenty pictures below.

$1800 shipped, USPS MO or PayPal gift(you pay fees) accepted
Can do FTF in Ft.Worth/Dallas for $1750 cash only

Cross posted, first ' I will take it ' gets the rifle.

I have 33 positive 100% feedback on AR15.com
Buy with confidence.

Any questions please PM me.

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