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WTS: Tula AKM handguards with pistolgrips

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For sale are the following 4 sets of Tula AKM handguards, with Tula pistolgrips.

Shipping is from The Netherlands. Payment using discrete Paypal.
Here is how it goes, first post "I'll take number x", followed up by a PM to me. I will then PM you back the paypal address. Once payment is received I send them out.

Pictures were taken as it was about to start raining, hence a picture of each set with and without flash. If wanted I can try and make a new picture in the sun.

All sets are dark Tula furniture. Condition very good.

Set #1 - 150$ shipped Sold

Set #2 - 150$ shipped Sold

Set #3 - 150$ shipped Sold

Set #4 - 150$ shipped Sold

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I'll take 1 and 3.

1, 3 and 4 sold.
2 still available.

I'll take #2.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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