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1982 Romanian G stock set with brown pistol grip - $40+shipping

This came as part of my Romy G kit. Both hand guards come with their metalwork, pistol grip has a grip screw and the stock has sling swivel, trapdoor etc. All are in decent condition, but have seen some use.

SAR-1 black pistol grip - $10+shipping

This is a take-off from my recently purchased SAR-1, so I'd assume it's Romanian. The SAR it came off of has apparently been wrapped in cotton wool for most of it's life so this grip is in great condition. The only real sign of it being mounted is a slight nick on the grip screw.

If I have erred in representing any of these items, please do not hesitate to correct me. I'm new to the AK platform and having to go by what I have been told/learned so far.

Trades: I am willing trade for:

Ace internal/external receiver block (stamped receiver) that mounts their current range of stocks, in either used or new condition.
Vickers Blue Force gear sling, in either black or olive, new or used condition.
Kvar Russian/Bulgarian style black polymer handguard w. heat shield for stamped receiver in either new or used condition (pref. manufactured in USA).

Shipping: Shipping for the stock set can be either Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box ($15) or regular parcel post ($10). Shipping for the pistol grip will be by regular parcel post ($4).

Payment: Payment is by USPS money order only please. No Paypal, cheques or other brand money orders.
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