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Here is a very unusual Chinese AK. B-West imported, MADE IN CHINA receiver and internals, NOT USA . Notice its marked Norinco and has the 386 Factory code, which is usually where the exported Polytech came from... This is a 100% factory made rifle. Has Threaded Muzzle with Tack welded cover on it....Bayonet/cleaning rod mount are untouched. Im guessing this one was caught in customs during the ban, not sure....I had planned on Debanning it one day but have too much stuff....Gun is NEW old stock, i purchased this from a FFL dealer who got it straight from his distributor. if you are Very familiar with older AK's this exact model has been discussed on Various collector AK boards including this one.....
I have individual pics of Parts and internals....email if interested further.... below is a quick video clip to give a general idea.

Video Clip : MVI_0044_zps22bdaf7f.mp4 Video by joezeta | Photobucket

Interesting in Trading towards 1964-1964 Vintage GI JOE 12" Figures, Vehicles, Accessories... Will Consider other collectible Toys from the 1960's-80's..

Some of my Collection WWW.GIJOE1964.COM
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