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First and foremost, this is on another forum. I will update thread if items sell.

Getting married next month so need to make some extra cash.

MOE carbine handguards and MVG in Foliage green In great condition, was on my Spike's 22lr upper before I had it chopped for an SBR. Will not split up $40 shipped USPS money order or Paypal gift.

Cavalry Arms C6 Fat Midlength Handguards. In great condition. Looking for a trade for tapered midlength handguards or $18 shipped USPS money order or Paypal gift.

On rifle

Surefire M82 rails with 19 complete pairs of Magpul XTM panels and 1 cut pair. Also included are the Surefire ladder covers that came with the rails. Rail is in excellent condition. Will not split up packageWas never to the range or safe without the covers on them. $120 Shipped USPS money order or Paypal gift. The M82 rails are Sold!

Surefire m73 rails with flat dark earth ladder covers. These are in good condition. There is a nick on the bottom rail section between B15 and B16. Will not affect function and will be hidden due to the fact it will be on the bottom. Will not split up package $110 shipped USPS money order of Paypal gift.

Tried my best to get the nick in the photo. A little Krylon grill paint and it would disappear.

B5 Gen 1 buttstock. Bought it used from a member on another board and was told it was tight on the receiver extension. It's way top tight for my liking. This is perfect for someone who is a set it and forget it kind of person. It locks up very solid. I tried sanding the inside which does not affect function. I took photos of the inside of the stock as well as it on the receiver extension. $50 shipped USPS money order or Paypal gift. The B5 Stock is SOLD!

The sanding works much worse in pictures then it does in person. It loosened up the stock a little.

If multiple items are bought I will negotiate on shipping. Buy everything and I will make it worth your while.
Once payment is received, I will PM/email buyer with tracking #.
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