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WTS: -SPF- Khyber Pass parts package -SPF-

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WTS: -SPF- Khyber Pass parts package. I really don't need this and I have lost interest so I will sell as a whole for less than I have in it! Pretty much the full meal deal. Just insert your parts kit of choice and your good to go.

1.Russian Tula AKS-74 stock
2.Russian HG's and bakelite grip
3.Russian Izhmash bakelite mags (3)
4.Russian mag pouch, 198? dated Afghan era
5.Russian Izhmash plastic oil bottle
6.cleaning kit
7.Russian sling, tan, 1981 dated
8.Russian drop case 1982 dated
9.Russian Tula matching #'s type 2 AKM bayonet

stock, grip, oil bottle, drop case, mag pouch, sling, new condition from Tantal
HG's, new condition from stottman
bakelite mags, used W/solider art from treadhead
bayonet, new W/ grip damage, cleaning kit, new, from board members

$625. shipped USPS MO or Paypal. -SPF-

PM me if you need more pics.
If the package does not sell in 1 week I will split up for what I have invested in each piece + shipping so if you want something post here and I will PM with details next weekend.
Thanks for looking.
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Looks to be a fair price. I would snap it up if I did not have a simular setup already formed. If it goes to parts and pieces I would be interested in the handguard set and one of the mags.

- Again nice set!
I'd like the dropcase if you split. Razz
if you decide to split, i'd be interested in the hguards and the oil bottle.
I'd be interested in the side folder if the price is right. Maybe a mag... if no one buys the set.
Interested in a mag, if the price is right.
If you split, I'd take the mag pouch and the sling.
All I need is the bakelites and the bayonet, I been really good... :grin:
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It is a very nice set,please don't take any offence, but if you will part with the set for $500 I will take it..

That's all I can muster up at the time.

Thanks for your consideration.
I would be interested in a mag, if the price is right.
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