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Prefer payment by Paypal...but scopes will require Paypal. Will ship cheapest way possible, but shipping is not included in stated prices (unless stated). Items are in GA.

Post Ill take it and PM me please.

These items are cross-posted.

Item 1: Soviet PU-1 scope with mount... this an example of the scopes that are commonly referred to as Soviet Afghan scopes... these were supposedly developed from the best remaining surplus PUs after WWII and re-purposed for use with the AK platform...
Sold elsewhere

Item 2: PK-AS-V this is the PK-AS with the MTK83 AK mount... the red dot works, as shown in my crappy pic


Item 3: This is a reproduction AK rail, I believe from Solar Tactical $30... or $20 with the purchase of either scope above. SOLD elsewhere

Item 4: Original Bulgy 5.45 barrel. Identical to the ones KVAR is currently selling; this one still has 'MADE IN BULGARIA' stick at breech end. I need a slightly larger barrel for my AKS build, so this one goes.

Sold elsewhere

Items in Group 1: Polish Magazine Pouches holds 3 mags and a cleaning kit inside the pouch and has the extra canvas sewn on to secure the Tantal-bipod 5(definately Tantal-era, note: the serial number displayed on one example) These have been very hard to find lately ($10 each; 0 available) sold elsewhere

Items in Group 2: Bulgarian Magazine Pouches- These are in excellent condition. ($12 each; withdrawn)

Items in Group3: BFPU slings for Yugo SKSs or M70 $11 each (0 available)

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