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Clearing out some small extra bits that I dont need anymore. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, my camera sucks but I'll do what I can if you need more detailed pics. All items will ship USPS small flat rate boxes from Florida. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Please note the sling in the upper right is no alonger available. Just didnt want to retake the picture. All forum rules apply. USPS MO or PP accepted (+4% fee)

1.) Current issue tan Krink sling, no OTK stamp. - $25
2.)Gas Tube with dark brown wood, believe to be from a milled Russian/Chinese kit. Has gas vents and serial number 23429 stamped on the end where the gas tube latch locks. One tiny dent in the wood on the top, otherwise I'd say about 98% condition. - $30 (SPF)
3.)Romanian muzzle nut. You want it? Its free with the purchase of any other item.
4.) Rare Chinese PG, from early imports, very good to excellent condition. No screw or nut included. - $50 (SPF)
5.) Bulgarian AK-74 brown grip. Shows wear. - $5
6.)5.45x39 NO-GO. Has a small chip on the back, but I have tested this on my rifles and it still works just fine. -$20
7.)Tapco G2 DOUBLE HOOK Trigger Group. Comes in a old school looking package, got it when I got in with my Tantal kit. All parts marked except for the trigger, no logo on there. Not sure if all G2 DH's are like that or just this since its older looking. - $20

Also if anyone is interested I have about 340 rounds of once shot Federal .223 brass.
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