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WTS:SKS stocks: Wooden used & Rare K-SPORTS/Butler Creek

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Used wooden take-off stock from an SKS, I believe its Chinese? Inletted for bayonet, still has the sling loop and metal trap-door buttplate in back (no cleaning kit). No handguard. No major scratches anywhere on the finish, but does have small dents/dings. $20

Three photos, may take a while to load:

Rare olive drab nylon stock for Chinese SKS, will fit Russian with a little filing. Missing the matching handguard. Will not fit rifles with bayonet (no groove for the bayonet to fold into). This was made by Butler Creek for K-Sports, and has "K-Sports" on the grip cap and on the rubber buttplate. Was only available on a rare, parkerized model imported in the mid 90's and the OD stock was apparently not sold separately by Butler Creek like the black ones were. For more info on the rifle it was taken off of:
One photo collage:

Shipping will be $10 whether you buy one or both stocks.
The only money orders I accept are from the US Post Office (not Walmart or 7-11).
Discrete Playpal if you have good feedback here in the marketplace.
Contact me through the PM system here.
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