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I have 4 Izzy plum 5.45 mags for sale. I'm not exactly sure if they are truly shiny plums or not, but they are shiny and look different from the matte ones I have. The pictures should speak for themselves. All are in good used condition. Some have some surface scratches, slight blemishes, and my fingerprints (most of the imperfections in the pictures). Please claim by mold number. Price is $25 shipped, each. If you buy more than one, I'll cut you a break on shipping. Obviously, I will not be selling to places where it is illegal. PP+4% or USPS MO.

This ad was posted several months back, but the buyer flaked, so I am relisting them. #17, 37, and 41 are available. They are already packed up to be shipped, so if someone wants all 3, I will sell them for $68 shipped.

from R-L: Mold numbers are
51- Sold

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