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For Sale:
A partial parts set for the SGN-9 carbine. You will still need additional parts for the build, but here are some of the main components. The other parts, such as AR-15 recoil spring and FCG, are readily available from many sources.

Included are:
- Suomi M31 9mm barrel
- Suomi M31 original bolt
- Suomi M31 magazine catch
- Suomi M31 magazine spring
- Suomi M31 magazine pivot pin
- AR-15 Firing Pin
- Sten 32rd Magazine

If you don't know what an SNG-9 is:
The SGN-9 was a semi-scratch built gun that was show in Shotgun News.
There were four articles covering the contruction (4/20/08, 5/20/08, 6/20/08 and 7/20/08 issues). It is a blowback 9mm semi-auto carbine using Suomi M31 parts, AR-15 parts, Sten magazines, and some common metal tube, flat and bar stock.

Price is $125.00, shipped REDUCED TO $100, shipped. FL address pay an additional 7% sales tax.
I accept Money Order and Credit Cards.
Contact me at [email:hfkzh06u][email protected][/email:hfkzh06u].

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