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I was one of the last shipped. I have not even picked it up from my FFL yet (since it arrived at about the same time my legal troubles started) but will have my FFL ship this directly to your FFL. I really wish I could keep this, but have to pay legal fees for an ATF case against me. It's a long story similar to the recent Olafson case and a living nightmare, but chances are I will never be able to own another rifle anyway. They confiscated all my collection at my home. I'm hoping to get out of it what I put in $1150 (I believe) plus shipping $25. I'm bigvikefan on the shipped list (if you have the link please post it). Here is a link with pics from another's SER II:

http://www.theakforum.net/phpBB2/viewto ... hlight=ser

Comes with 1 Orlite mag. It's just like all the others In Range built for the S.E.R. II project.
5.56x45 cal., new 1/9 twist barrel, new Israeli forearm and US pistol grip, 922r compliant with six US manufactured parts, flat black Teflon Molycoat over Phosphate finish.

PM me with any questions.


Aaron in North Liberty, Iowa
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