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For Sale: Russian Novosibirsk PO 6x36-1 Scope

This scope is new and unused. It has never been mounted on a rifle. See below for explanation. Optics are impressively bright and clear. Please note that when I inserted a battery, the reticle did not light-up. I do not see any problem with the exposed wires or connections. A blown bulb? I don’t know. Complete with the items, accessories and manuals shown in the photos. This scope is set-up with the rail for Saiga sporting rifles and carbines.

Price WAS: $180

PRICE NOW: $150 (which includes delivery by Insured US 1st Class Priority Mail).

Payment to be made by US Postal Money Order only. It's the safest and quickest option for each party. I will mail your package the same day as I receive payment. Thank you.

More information follows, please read: :smile:

Tantal (Doug Ford) has a page discussing Novosibirsk Optics:


He says concerning the PO 6X36-1that:

“This model is built on the PSO-1 frame, but is offered in a 6x power and larger 36mm objective lens for more light gathering ability. It features crystal clear coated optics, and has a rangefinding/bullet drop compensating lighted reticle. US AA size battery adapter comes standard, as does the side mounting bracket/clamp assembly for an SVD-type mounting plate. "Saiga" style clamp is available and raises the scope so it will not interfere with the rear sight base of the AK rifle. Package includes the vinyl carrying case, tool, filter lens, cleaning cloth and manual. Finished in standard military dark grey hammer paint”.

PLEASE NOTE: I purchased this scope about four years ago with the intention of upgrading the 4x Romanian (LPS) on my PSL, but I never got around to using it. Recently I dug it out of the closet and tried to fit it to my rifle only to discover that I bought the wrong variant. It would also not mount on a Romanian CUR-2, SAR-1 or AES-10B. When I tried it, the scope would slide about 1/2 way on the rail before the pin on the mount stopped forward movement.

Evidently, this scope is set-up to mount on the Saiga rail which I would have known if I ever read the damn manual. :doh: I don’t have a Saiga rifle and that’s why I’m going to sell this scope. Please note that I am still very confused about which rifle will work with this scope. I have received some advice online that indicated that this scope will work on a PSL/SVD or an AK if the mount levers are adjusted or if an adapter is used. I did a little searching and found another page by Tantal which explains everything about the various AK mounts as well as this Saiga variant.

At the risk of looking like a fool, I’m more confused after reading Doug’s explanation than before. :roll:

I am taking the time to write the longest ad in the history of this forum because I do not want any confusion or unhappiness. If you buy this scope, please know more about it than I do. :twirl:

Thanks to all :smile:
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