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Hello Everyone,

Happy Labor Day!!

We are running a free shipping special today (9/2) and tomorrow (9/3). We have two options that should work for just about everyone but you need to pay attention which to select during checkout - no coupon is required for free shipping:

Free First Class (good for 1-2 pistol grips)
For the first option, anyone can get free first class mail provided the order is under 14oz per postal regulations. To put this in perspective, usually up two grips can go first class mail - it depends on the models, screws, etc.

Free Priority Mail If Your Order is over $50
Now if you order over $50 worth of products, you can upgrade to free USPS Priority Mail. Best off all, you don't need to worry about a maximum weight!

What this means is that once we have finished building your products, they'll ship via the method you specify.

In addition, here are some more deals to make you aware of:

Get 15% off the following select products with the coupon code: LaborDay2013

Black M92 No Ferrule Handguards Can Be Made Ready Fast & 15% off!

Now, let me give you a tip if you order the black model of Yugo M92/M85/Pap pistol handguards that don't require ferrules, we will be able to ship many of the orders for those handguards within a week or two provided we do not have to make them from scratch. I know waiting can be a headache so if you are in a rush - order the no ferrule M85/M92/PAP Pistol handguards in black with the matte finish:

Vepr Buttstocks and Furniture Sets 15% off

If you have a slant receiver Vepr (not the current square back receiver model), we have a sale going on for either just the buttstock or the furniture set that includes the buttstock. This buttstock will not work with the current Veprs *unless* you have a belt sander and reduce the outside diameter of the sides and bottom of the portion that goes into the receiver. To do a clean job, I'd recommend a belt sander, router or mill. Our plastic is very hard - a big file would get you there if you go slow and make sure the back visible portion is nice and square.
Here's the link to the buttstock

...and to the set:

The Following Products Are Not on Sale But We Wanted To Update You

Our Quick Takedown Pins Are Selling Like Hotcakes

Other items in stock and ready to go are the quick takedown pins that fit the attached dust cover Bulgarian and Russian Tula krinks as well as the Yugo M85/M92 & Pap pistols. These are selling like hotcakes and reviews have all been great!!

Selling off Slings and Mounts
We continue to list our Israeli slings and mounts at a steep discount. We want to focus on our core products and have decided to stop carrying these. They work great and are what we use on our personal rifles.

Our store is at: http://shop.roninsgrips.com

If you have any questions, please send us an email!

Best wishes to all,

George aka Ronin
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