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WTS: Romanian "G" kit 1982 w/mag $175 CONUS SHIPPE

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SPF$175 CONUS ship. Paypal OK. No trades please.

This ia a matching number kit. The safety lever and hammer also matching w/ a different number.

This kit has minimal rust specs on it - buttplate and barrel - too small to see and the mag has a bit on the bottom.

The bore is bright and shiny.

[email protected]
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Price lowered ..

..to sell $175 CONUS.
I'll take it. Pending pics that work. Not sure if they aren't working or anyone else. But they aren't working for me.
I need yoiur email addy.

[email protected]
read my mind
Got the pics. I'm looking for a battlefield pick up I can work on from the start. This gun is a little to nice. I'm sure someone else will take it. It's a great price. I don't remember reading the Tapco FCG. If that's coming with it - it would make it an even better deal.

Just not what I was looking for.
thats a great price in todays market
I'll Take it. PM on the way.

it just has a TAPCO pg screw and nut.

I do have what your looking for, my other kit(s).

Email me - [email protected]

fokkersf - PM sent can do a face to face today only will knock off $5 to deliver to you $170 total,


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