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*******************SOLD OUT AGAIN******************MAKING MORE RIGHT NOW*************************************

Money orders and certified checks please, shipping Priority mail to your door. Please follow up your post with an email to me. [email protected]

These are copies of the XM177E2 moderators copied from an original. They are threaded 1/2x28, for .223, 5.56, or .22LR use. They have a parkerized finish that matches the early gray of the era's steel parts. In my biased opinion they are the best original style copies on the market with their correct style cone, flash hider slots, rear base weld, and wrench flats!

These are NOT an NFA item, its a one piece solid design.

$55 shipped priority to your door each.

Grenade launcher rings are available for $15 with the flash hider and $20 without (shipped).



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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