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OK, here is one sweet shotgun that I wished I did not have to part with, but I must due to immediate financial necessity :(.

This is a mint 1976 Remington Wingmaster Model 870 shotgun that has been "tactical-ized" by addition of a 20" sighted slug barrel (they don't make barrels like this nowadays!), a parkerized finish, extended magazine, forward pistol-foregrip, CAA stock saddle (which provides an excellent cheek rest), and two three-cartridge holders. As suggested by the photos, the craftsmanship that went into this shotgun harkens back to a bygone manufacturing-day:

Asking price is $525 shipped and insured which includes 125 rounds of Winchester Ranger Low Recoil 1 oz. slug ammunition (a $75 value)!

If interested email me directly at [email:32yukvj0][email protected][/email:32yukvj0]

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